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Dr. Mithilesh Dronavalli

Medical Biostatistician for Science and Social Transformation

Employed Available
I want to help prevent and alleviate suffering for the sickest, poorest, and most vulnerable people through biostatistics and public health.

I have over 8 years' experience in statistics applied to public health research with 18 articles on PubMed as the statistical or main author. I also have 4 years experience in clinical psychiatry treating patients with mental illness.

I have researched areas of poverty, crime, social disadvantage, perinatal drug abuse, prematurity, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, children with disabilities, mental health, out of home care, addiction, Aboriginal Health, communicable diseases (influenza, Tuberculosis, syphilis, HIV, sexually transmitted infections), cancer, heart disease, smoking cessation, breastfeeding, crime, health and well-being, health education and aged care.
  • I led a 15-member team to give advice to the public and key stakeholders related to COVID, and adverse event reporting for the COVID vaccine in the Sydney COVID LOCKDOWN.
  • I was a key person in the design, coordination, sample sizing, methods, analysis, and reporting (including publication) of a pragmatic RCT in rural South Africa. I was working remotely and mentoring a team of researchers.
  • President of the Sydney Northern District Table Tennis Association including, 470, 70 teams, 15 clubs. This includes working with the committee, improving processes, uploading scores to a global server using code and organising events.
  • Degree Related: Honours first class was on mining cardiovascular clinical RCTs using estimation and prediction to generate surrogate markers using clinical data. My Masters of Biostatistics and MPhil has taught me a broad range of statistical methods and the application of these methods.
  • Statistical Techniques: Biostatistics: Generalized Linear Models, Survival Analysis, Longitudinal and Correlated Data (including multi-level modeling), Advanced R, Stata, Meta-regression, Study Design, Sample Size Calculation, Logic, Variable Selection, Data Linkage, Clinical Trial Design, Probability & Statistical Inference, Pharmacoepidemiology, generating and simulating data, multiple imputation for analysis with missing data and an overview of Machine Learning Causal Inference: Directed Acyclic Graphs, Propensity Scores, Inverse Probability Treatment Weights, Regression Discontinuity, Differences in Differences, Instrumental Variables, Mendelian Randomisation
  • Data: I am an expert programmer in R and Stata, and I write reproducible, well-structured and code with comments. I am also familiar with SAS.I have carried out data management at the population level, 1.8 million records level with six different routinely collected government datasets of all babies and their mothers in the last 20 years in the state of NSW in Australia totalling over 20Gb)
  • Experience: I have applied almost all of these techniques in my work leading to publications or significant government reports with myself as the statistical author.I have published many articles and reports, including eighteen PubMed publications.8 years of statistical consulting, data management, analysis, reporting and publication of results.
  • Ongoing Learning: I supervise research students and teach statistical methods.I have learned and used new statistical techniques independently, including causal mediation analysis.I am trained in and have experience in machine learning techniques such as Random Forest and k-means longitudinal analysis (kml)I have worked for TGA reviewing clinical study reports for approval of and safety of medical devices.
  • Statistical Consulting: I conceptualise and crystallise processes in data capture, data management, reporting and publication as well as consultation with the clients. I understand their requirements and also offer them innovative medical, public health and statistical advice.Developing and optimising protocols using critical appraisal, the literature, and the principles of excellent, scientifically valid, and relevant study designs.Constructed many Statistical Analysis Plans with client consultation.
  • Supervision / Teaching: Supervised Honours Students, PhD Students, clinicians, researchers. Taught seminars and tutored in biostatistics
  • AStat (Accredited Statistician) fro the Statistical Society of Australia in Dec 2022: Member Profile: Criteria for Accredited Statistician: Degree in Statistics + 6 years of progressively advanced Statistical Experience + Submission of Major Works + Maintaining Continual Professional Development + 5 year re-accreditations
  • National Rural Health (Oral) 2015 | Asia Pacific Heart Failure (2 Posters) 2008 | RACP 2016 (Oral: Gerry Murphy Prize) |Australian Public Health 2019 (Oral)