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Mithilesh Dronavalli

Medical Statistician for Science and Social Innovation

Employed Available
I want to help prevent and alleviate suffering in the poorest, sickest, most vulnerable and discriminated people.

I have over 7 years' experience in statistics applied to public health / medical research and 4 years in clinical psychiatry.

I have researched areas of poverty, Aboriginal health, communicable diseases (influenza-oseltamivir prophylaxis, Tuberculosis, syphilis, HIV, sexually transmitted infections), mental health, addictions, crime, cancer, heart disease, smoking cessation, breastfeeding, health and well-being, health education, aged care and for children with disabilities.

This resume is upto date as of 16th January 2023.

Public Health / Research / Mental Health / Clinical

  • Addressing Public Concern in Disasters (COVID Lockdown)
  • Outbreak Management including COVID
  • Caring for Aboriginal patients with addiction and mental illness and providing support for their families
  • Environmental Health Risk Assessments
  • HIV Treatment s100
  • Article Writing and Oral Presentation of Research
  • Advanced Statistical Analysis and Research Methods
  • Expert Programmer in R and Stata
  • Completion of a three-year formal education program in psychiatry (Brain and Mind Institute, University of Sydney)
  • Opioid Substitution Therapy s100
  • Clinical History Taking esp. Mental Health
  • Prescribing Mental Health Medication
  • Project Management

Major Works: 18 Publications in PubMed | 513 Google scholar citations